About us

Who We Are

I’ve been keeping New Caledonian geckos for over a decade, and I’ve seen this hobby grow and evolve into the wonderful community that it is today. My very first Crested Gecko was all that I needed to get absolutely hooked on these amazing animals. Since then, my husband has joined me on this wonderful journey towards bettering the various New Caledonian gecko species and working towards unique morphs and colorations. 

At Gecko Fancy, we’re all about the animals. We take our husbandry practices very seriously and are always looking for ways to better our processes. I believe that it’s important to share knowledge whenever possible, so check out our blog for any information you’d like to see!

Fancy Geckos for Fancy People

Our Mission

We breed all of our animals with health, genetics and quality at the forefront. All of our projects are thoughtfully assembled with a specific end goal for our gecko lines, and we don’t compromise when it comes to husbandry practices. When you purchase from Gecko Fancy, you know that you’re purchasing a well-kept and high-quality animal.


We believe that education is the driving factor behind what keeps this hobby growing and evolving the way that it does. It is our commitment to provide educational resources for everything we do here at Gecko Fancy. Have a question? Don’t hesitate to reach out!